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Population replacement?

woman imam Kahina Bahloul

Kahina Bahloul à Paris

By Roger Firman
Presenting Islam as a victim of hate, a religion that has destroyed so many cultures, identities and rewritten the history of so many peoples, does not bode well for the future of Europe.
A country is not Islamized by population replacement as critics of immigration policy claim.
Most of the countries that today have lost their culture and identity by being phagocytosed by uncultured Islam have done so by changing their elites, as happened to most of the kabyle people who have lost their souls. Their elites, called “wise men”, had the bad idea of bringing peaceful Muslim missionaries into their village governments. It was in this way that after a generation or two, villagers began to hate their culture, their identity, their women and all of humanity.
Don’t think it’s a coincidence that several political parties have now replaced bearded Muslim men with beautiful young women. They still belong to the same cultural background, and they want to destroy Europe as their parents destroyed their original country.

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