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Kamira Nait Sid, 2 years behind bars

August 24, 2021-August 24, 2023
2 years behind bars
“Kamira Nait Sid is President of the World Amazigh Congress (WAC), an international NGO that defends the rights of Amazigh peoples. CMA’s mission is to defend and promote the political, economic, social, cultural, historical and civil rights of the Amazigh people. As part of its international activities, the CMA regularly submits alternative reports on the situation of Amazigh rights to the various specialized bodies of the United Nations (notably those dealing with issues of racism and discrimination, political, economic, social, cultural and linguistic rights, women’s rights and children’s rights).””
Where is she now?
What has become of her?
What are the Amazigh peoples doing for her liberation?
What are international human rights organizations doing to help her?
freedom for kamira and all hostages of conscience and political prisoners”.

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  1. Roger

    The Algerian lie at the UN.
    By presenting itself as the champion of respect for human rights and the rights of peoples with regard to the Israeli and Moroccan territories, Algeria wants to divert attention from the crimes against humanity it is committing in Kabylia and the right to self-determination of the Kabyle people, which it equates with terrorism.
    Tebboune deserves the ICC, not the UN.

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