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Kabyle women worshiping the god Anzar

Kabyle women worshiping the god Anzar

Some people will accuse me of being a regionalist, too proud and arrogant Kabyle, but I can safely say that tolerance stops at the borders of Kabylia. Beyond that is Kabul. Countries ravaged by fundamentalism and religious dogma. While in Kabylia parents send their children to the nursery, it is to the mosque that parents from other regions send their offspring. It has become fashionable. It is even a source of pride for these overly religious Muslims.

In Kabylia, whether you are a practicing Muslim, a Muslim of the month of Lent, a Christian, an agnostic, or an atheist, you are integrated into society in a natural way. What determines the value of an individual in Kabylia, is neither his faith, nor his wealth, nor his family name, but his behavior; his capacity to bring good to the community, his contribution to the management of the city.

With us, faith is a matter of individual freedom. Our ancestors, even though illiterate, understood this even before the dictionary included the word tolerance.

A woman riding her horse in a small Kabyle town in peace.

In Kabylia, religion is not part of the daily life of our peasants. It is towards the agrarian calendar that they have their eyes turned. Elsewhere, religion occupies an important place in the life of the citizen. It is to this that he turns at the slightest questioning, at the slightest fear, at the slightest event, banal though it may be. Religion is the key to all their questions. It is the solution to all worries even when it turns out to be outdated, such as when it comes to curing diseases or explaining strange natural phenomena.

Between Kabylia and the other regions of Algeria, it is not only the language that differs, it is deeper than that; aptitude for civilization. As Kabylia moves forward and tunes in with a changing world, other regions sink into the depths of fundamentalism, trapped in the past of a glorious Islamic state that is not one.

Kabylia and the other regions have taken two paths that cannot cross; they are diametrically opposed. One leads towards progress, civilization, and all the values ​​that it entails, while the other, is a forbidden direction that leads straight towards a collision. Are we doomed to dissuade them from turning back to accompany us, or will we have to make our way without looking back? This is a question that deserves to be decided.


  1. Roger

    The Algerian authorities pretend to find weapons, even nuclear ones, in Kabyle and believe that the world would believe their nonsense. If the UN is really honest and monitors the primitive states on the possession of nuclear weapons, this body should urgently delegate a team of technicians to see the liveliness of these allegations of the Algerian Arab-Muslim state. We can bet that we will not see any UN delegation investigating these weapons of mass destruction because everyone knows that the Islamic-military junta is at bay and seeks survival propaganda.

    It is the eternal tune of the hand of the foreigner or that of the enemy from within that emerges from the Islamic-military junta in times of acute crisis.

    This time, it is going strong, it is in the department of Tizi Wezzu in occupied Kabyle territory, that the junta would have discovered caches of weapons belonging to Algerian Arab-Islamist terrorists, and even more, in the department of Vgayet, radioactive products for making a… nuclear bomb, just that. The desperate magic of a dying Arab-Islamist junta. Doesn’t she fear, in passing, the nursery of great Kabyle specialists in nuclear physics and engineering… nuclear, of international renown, follow our gaze.

    In this time of serious clan war, where even the last acquittals of generals have not quenched the thirst for revenge that drives the various belligerents – The – the tough chaoui Nezzar, is not ready to give his share to the new suitors. and economic crisis where the basket of the housewife soars to reach even the middle layers, as for the very poor, 9 million (official figure admitted), it is the absolute misery, the military junta tries the diversion on one side and by the same occasion wants to smear Kabylia by attaching to it the image of accomplice of Islamist terrorists.

    Let us stress strongly on this point that the Algerian Islamist terrorists are the product of the laboratories of the ex-SM (military security) and of the current and sinister DRS / DSS, the hallmark of the military junta itself.

    Would it not be a remake of the Cap Sigli plot when the Moroccan Hercules C 130 plane, all fires extinguished, dropped near Cap Sigli on the Kabyle coast between Vgayet and Azzefoun several bundles of weapons and ammunition, which would have allowed to equip some five hundred men. These facts date back to December 1978 when Chadli had just entered his fourth week. Is there a connection with Tebboune, this time, who returns to Germany after signing the budget and the new constitutional cloth, or the return of Toufik who will resume his usual consultations to choose a new president of junk.

    In a Kabylia strewn with military barracks, surrounded by more than 150,000 troops of what makes the Algerian soldiery / militia to which we must add the gendarmesque, the police and the various services and other indicators, Talleyrand would not have done better.

    The Islamist terrorists would have found loopholes, understand with the complicity of the Kabyles, in this vast net, worthy of the colonial general Challe, strewn with Checkpoints and roadblocks of his militias, to pass their weapons and their radioactive products can be taken out for the occasion of the Draria nuclear center. No less than that.

    If this is not propaganda to tarnish the image of Kabylia and thus justify the encirclement of Kabyle territory to further accentuate his terror there, the situation is then serious and it is a question, either of complicity in the interior of the services following all these wars of the clans, either of a proven and phenomenal incompetence of the CDS, (Chaoui of service) Said Chengriha. Whatever hypothesis is chosen, there is chaos, great chaos within this junta.

    Anyway, fake news distilled by the Tagarins or other, this episode signs the bankruptcy of a junta at bay and Kabylia, far from falling into the trap, intensifies its peaceful fight for Independence and will drive out this »Algeria »Outside the borders of Kabylia and even more.

    Is there a single terrorist of “residual terrorism” (sic) according to the military junta, supported by part of the population, and it is one too many. The upsurge in terrorist acts this past year is a reminder signed by the sponsors of these terrorists who underline the obvious failure of this pompous “second great African army”, making it a bunch of militias, like the Saddam’s famous 4th world army which ended up as a tramp on the banks of the Euphrates or like those Algerian hospitals, the largest in Africa, which abandoned the Tebboune vase to German hospitals. France, usual destination, no longer wants this scum.

    Besides, why would peaceful and civilized Kabylia get its hands dirty with the dirty seed that grows in Tagarins, and which destroyed this country? Please, is there something left to destroy in this country that has not yet been accomplished by this military junta?

    This country called “Algeria” is in paradoxical life, it still believes itself to be alive. Kabylia does not shoot people and even more so on the dead.

    (*) The Tagarins: Burrow of the Algerian militias.

    Free Chroniclers of Independent Kabylia

    • Amel

      The Algerian Arab-Muslim colonial state is relapsing with its old recipes for intoxication to develop hatred of the Kabyle people and designate Kabylia as the internal enemy of Algeria.

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