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The video of the assassination of Djamel Bensmail in the POLICE VAN

Kabylia colonized

There’s no question of accepting to play the dirty games of the racist and criminal Algerian state
August 11th, 2021 was, first and foremost, “Act 3” of the criminalization of Kabylia.
Two years ago, the terrible plot of Laarva Nat Iraten (LNI)resulted in:
– Hundreds of Kabyles were burned to death in a gigantic inferno, thousands of hectares of land, a territory, and a society completely demolished and ruined.
– A young Algerian, murdered, horribly sacrificed in Place Abane Ramdane (for symbolic purposes),
– 54 Kabyles (again for symbolic purposes), sentenced to death! And all at the end of a “trial” which, to say the least, was “expeditious”, and the “presumed guilty” were all “judged and sentenced” by what is commonly known in Algeria as “telephone justice”! (editor’s note: The judge receives instructions from the government by telephone).
Clearly, this is a sadistic and perverse orchestration and staging of an operation to criminalize and demonize Kabylia, through the perpetration of a heinous crime in the wake of a gigantic inferno which, in addition to causing hundreds of deaths and monumental damage, is also designed to break the morale of the Kabyles, who immediately pass from the concrete status of sub-citizens, foreigners in their own country and subject to an incredible diktat… to that of monsters and savage criminals, driven by an anti-Arab racism that pushes them to the point of murdering those who come to their aid! This is the message that the Algerian criminal state wants to get across: They want to change the face of Kabylia!
Despite the fact that the sacrificial murder was crudely carried out in a police van, the gangsters in Algiers, who have a state, a justice system, an army and the media at their disposal, have turned the tables and succeeded in nipping in the bud any protest against what is, in my opinion, a veritable act of war against Kabylia. By taking advantage of a gigantic inferno, also orchestrated for the purpose, by entities equipped with clearly military means and technology – see all the incriminating videos (helicopters, capsules, methodical corridors etc.); see also the witnesses to this evidence who are all in prison for “undermining the unity of the nation”.
The ultimate and cynical conclusion of this plot is that it is the Kabylian people themselves who are the perpetrators and victims of the plot! According to the Algerian state, its press, its judiciary and a large part of its people:
It was the Kabyle who set fire to Kabylia
It was the Kabyle who murdered Djamel Bensmail
It’s the Kabyle who abandon their territory to the flames every year.
In conclusion, it’s the Kabyles who are racist, hateful, criminal and … logically, it’s the Kabyles who are terrorists … instead of the Islamists, who are responsible for 250,000 deaths and just as many horrors, and who are perfectly “clean”, to the point where they are even sought out as political partners by “secular democrats”. Whereas “Kabyle militants” are “terrorists” for the Algerian doxa. That’s saying a lot!

LNI’s multi-dimensional crime is clear. It constitutes “Act 3″, of a series of two other murders committed in Kabylia by the Algerian Arab-Islamic sect that unfortunately governs Kabylia, in this case the Cameroonian Albert Ebossé:” here is the declaration of his brother: Down with Algeria, Long live Kabylie”

, which constitutes “Act 1”, and the Frenchman Hervé Gourdel, which constitutes “Act 2” of the criminalization and demonization of Kabylia, in a bid to turn the tables on the region. They want to disfigure us!
In other words, the Kabyles who suffer individual and collective murder, who suffer racism and cultural, linguistic, and civilizational segregation at home, well, they’re the racists, the criminals, the separatists.
All this is then taken up and disseminated by Arab-Islamic sites, such as this front page of, which has been provided with “material” (even of mediocre quality, but after all, the Earth isn’t flat!) to reverse the roles and make us Kabyles suffer in our flesh and blood ever since they imposed themselves on us through treachery, and then through the tanks we ourselves gave them. All to make us the “brutes”, the “savages”, the “racists”, the “criminals”, the “traitors” and the “sell-outs” to France, Morocco, and Israel. And all in their place, whose doctrine and historical line of conduct are precisely crime, and mass crime, as the entire history of the so-called Arab-Muslim world testifies. From “foutouhates” to “Daech”, via “FIS” and “GIA”, to the totality of Arab-Muslim states, all despotic in addition to being humanly underdeveloped!

It’s not for nothing that the Algerian state has brought forward the Islamist Madani Mezrag, multi-recidivist cutthroat and head of the GIA (Armed Islamic Group), to the rank of “National Political Personality”, while Ferhat Mehenni, undeniably a pacifist, with no soul “savagely snatched from life” to his name, is classified as a “terrorist”. As are the hundreds of Kabyle militants and citizens, all pacifists, and all classified as “terrorists”, the exact opposite of all the FIS assassins, who all share a culture of crime and predation, and the promise of eternal terror and submission. And we’re the criminals because we refuse to dissolve into such horror!
Honestly, who can blame us for trying to free ourselves from the multidimensional yoke of Arab-Islamism? You’d have to be pretty sadistic to wish it on anyone. So no, no, AND NO!!!

August 11th, 2021.
That’s the day when the racist, criminal Algerian state pulled off its great coup to criminalize Kabylia: “Act 3” of the Criminalization of Kabylia! the biggest, most perverse, most devious plot ever hatched by the Algerian state against Kabylia, after the assassinations of Albert Ebossé (Act 1) and Hervé Gourdel (Act 2), sacrificed like Djamel Bensamil (Act 3), like sheep, for the cause of Arab and Islamic Algeria, to hinder Kabylia and pillory its people, its culture, its identity – in short, its major difference with foreign Arab-Islamism, which is hostile to this region!

August 11th, 2021,
This is the day on which the whole of Kabylia was murdered by the “renegades” among its own people, who, by their shameful and complicit silence, support and endorse the criminal thesis of the Algerian state in its diabolical undertaking to purely and simply exterminate Kabylia through a clearly genocidal policy, an assumed anti-Kabylian racial policy, a radical Arabization linguistic policy, an annual and targeted scorched-earth policy, a repressive overreaching policy, and an expeditious and criminal judicial policy.
So much for our dear “elites”, the cowardly and hypocritical followers of silence and “we don’t know what’s going on”. A big thank you to the Kabyle personalities who stand by Kabylia “pilloried” and its children “crucified” by the criminal sect of the Algerian Arab-Islamic state.
My thoughts go out to our young militants, cowardly abandoned to the worst injustice of all. To Mohand Laskri, Youcef Gueddache, and all the detainees of Larev3a Nat Iraten (LNI).
The Kabyle citizens and activists condemned to death by the Algerian state in the LNI conspiracy were tortured, some of them raped, to make them “confess” to a crime they could not possibly have committed, some of them not even being at the scene of the “human sacrifice” carried out in an Algerian police van. Some of them were even abroad. Yet the Algerian “competent authorities” claim, without any proof, that it was these militants and their political organizations who planned and carried out this Machiavellian plan, which only those with the means of a State can concretely realize. Hence the association of Morocco, Israel of course, and more recently France too, in this Machiavellian project to destabilize Algeria. The manoeuvre is far too crude for anyone to be fooled, with the exception of the Algerian powerbrokers in Kabylia and the various collaborators in the plot.

In fact, it was the flagrant offence of “state scheming” that motivated Amnesty International to break its usual silence regarding Algeria to protest against “Collective death sentences marked by unfair trials and allegations of torture” and which says in essence:
“The trials of 54 people sentenced to death in connection with the events that took place in August 2021 in Kabylia, a region in northeastern Algeria, including the lynching of an activist, are marred by violations of fair trial guarantees and allegations of torture, while at least six of the defendants were prosecuted because of their political affiliations, Amnesty International said on January 9, 2023.
Of these 54 people, sentenced to death in collective proceedings in November 2022, five were tried in absentia, including one woman. According to the decision handed down by the Indictment Chamber of the Algiers Court, which Amnesty International was able to analyze, at least six were prosecuted because of their links with the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), a political group designated a “terrorist” organization by the Algerian authorities in June 2021. Five told the court that they had been subjected to torture or ill-treatment in detention.
“By imposing death sentences in mass prosecutions following unfair trials, the Algerian authorities are not only displaying their total disregard for human life, but also sending a very worrying message about the way justice is delivered in Algeria today,” said Amna Guellali, Deputy Director for North Africa and the Middle East at Amnesty International.
“Imposing the death penalty is never justifiable, whatever the offence. These despicable death sentences must be overturned without delay. The authorities must promptly order investigations into all allegations of torture and ill-treatment, and retrials for those convicted in absentia or prosecuted because of their political affiliations.”
Video showing the murder of Djamel Bensmail in the police van

By Yasmina Oubouzar




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