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Pork in the Merguez sausage

The Merguez is one of Kabylie’s many contributions to universal gastronomy. Together with the couscous Merguez are an open window giving a view of the Kabyle table. A sausage with the same fame as the Spanish Chorizo or the sausage of Toulouse for example. The Kabyle sausage is eaten fried or grilled, a real treat. The word merguez comes from the Kabyle word “amrguaz”, “am” meaning “like” and “rguaz” meaning “the man”. Thus, you will understand, the merguez designates nothing but the virile limb of the man. Like all good things or works of which their origins belong to peoples without states, the Kabyle sausage is phagocytized in the same way that is phagocyted the couscous. By the same people in search of identity and culture. I am talking about mutants Arabized by Islam, Turks, and Jews. But that does not hold. The merguez will remain like a bone in the throat. Even worse than a bone: A pig! Below is good news for the Kabyle, who are used to eating wild boar,  and know that pork highlights the taste of the sausage.

Porc in the merguez.
According to the results of a national survey of the French Fraud Control conducted in 2007, 53% of merguez samples analyzed contain pork. According to the code of practice of cold cuts, the “merguez”, or “real merguez”, is composed exclusively of beef and mutton. In practice, there is some tolerance for merguez containing pork, but the word “pork merguez” must be present. Otherwise, “to the extent that sausage is called merguez, it should not contain pork,” says one to the DGCCRF. However, a survey in 52 departments, conducted in 2007, showed that 53% of the samples analyzed in 206 establishments contained pork. Porc being less expensive than other meats, this widespread fraud drastically reduces the cost of production, but is a “deception on the substantial qualities of the product”, especially for consumers of halal meat. The results of the 2006 survey were even more alarming: 71.4% of the samples analyzed contained pork.

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