The Kabylian Force


New Brunswick University: On video, Razzia Kabyle at the graduation ceremony!


For ten years, the Algerian state has published the results of the end of studies for secondary schools and high schools. But last year, the Algerian colonial state put an end to this practice which informs on the national level of study, exceeded by the results which see each year the Kabyle students at the top of all the podiums. It was the defeat of the Machiavellian plan to give inferiority complexes to Kabyle pupils who study with the Arabic language, a language that is foreign to them and even an enemy language, if that is possible, by the harmful will of the teaching programme. The excuse was found, Algeria pretexted a partiality of the teachers towards the Kabyle pupils.
But now the same case of Kabyle attendance at school is revealed far, far away from the Algerian state.
It is from a university in Canada, New Brunswick University, that the results of the end of studies give the Kabyle still at the top of the podium. They, the Kabyle students have really made a raid of the best results.
This is the talk of the internet. Algerians find all sorts of excuses to degrade the Canadian university.
The graduation ceremony at the Canadian University of New Brunswick, where one hears the names of Kabyle cities, Tizi Ouzou, Bouira, Bejaia, Tazmalt, etc., rewards years of effort far from the medieval Algerian educational system.

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