The Kabylian Force


Mira Moknache, the heroine of the century.

Mrs. Mira Moknache, an academic with a university career ahead of her, was stopped abruptly by the Algerian colonist. She was also a sports champion who has stopped training to devote herself to the fight for her Kabylia to live, a family life put on hold for a time she doesn’t know what will come. She has been convicted and imprisoned several times for being Kabyle.
Madame Mira is the natural candidate for the Nobel Prize. But no chance, she is Kabyle and in the grip of the Algerian colonialists, the extended arm of European imperialism.
Her freedom is once again under threat, having condemned the Algerian state for once again setting the fires that ravaged Kabylia.
Here is what she tells us today
“A ninth case!
I leave the police station in El-Kseur with a summons to the center for a new judicial investigation.
I believe and have faith in my Kabylia!
I live and I will die for Kabylia!
I am in love with Kabylia!
The energy is explosive, an energy that is renewed, stronger, when I meet the eyes of the oppressed, of the victims… when the image of the martyrs crosses my mind!
An energy that comes from the earth and the mountains… to which I feel I belong!”

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