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Guy de Maupassant on Kabylia

Here is a story from the famous French intellectual Guy De Maupassant, before the French military authority succeeded in its work of undermining in denigration of the beautiful and rich land of Kabylia. A work of undermining that Algerian colonialism continues .
“Here we are in the richest and most populated part of Algeria.
The country of the Kabyles is mountainous, covered with forests and fields.
Leaving Aumale, we descend towards the great valley of the Sahel. There stands an immense mountain, the Djurdjura. Its highest peaks are gray as if covered with ash.
Everywhere on the lower peaks, one sees villages which, from a distance, look like heaps of white stones. Others remain clinging to the slopes. Throughout this fertile country the struggle is terrible between the European and the native for the possession of the soil.
Kabylia is more populated than the most populated department of France. The Kabyle is not nomadic, but sedentary and hardworking. However, the Algerian* has no other preoccupation than to strip the kabylian.“

*As can be seen in the text, the Algerian does not designate, yet, the North African native. The Algerian was the European colonist.
The North African was designated by the term “indigenous Muslim”, a term written on the identity card.
We can easily say that France has not only Arabized, but also basically Islamized the peoples who form this entity Algeria:

Guy de Maupassant : La Kabylie – Bougie.

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