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Yasmine Chenane, a Kabyle heroine

Yasmine Chennane. She saved 3 women, 4 children and 15 sheep, then she was burnt alive, she was barely 22 years old… All this because the racist and criminal Algerian State decided to set fire to Kabylia where a gigantic inferno was going to take away more than 500 Kabyles at once, including this wonderful young woman.
These governmental terrorists have well marked out their satanic work. They gave themselves the means to do a maximum of damage (self-inflammatory capsules) and delayed the maximum of intervention authorisation for the French and Moroccan Canadairs who had immediately offered to intervene… But Algeria said NO to any help to Kabylia, it was necessary to force their hand and they gave in, especially to Macron, only because it was obvious that they absolutely wanted Kabylia to be consumed entirely.
And, to prevent the Kabyles from trying too hard to understand the origins, albeit “obvious”, of this crime, but also to anticipate and discredit any denunciation of these monstrous fires, they murdered a young Algerian, artist and lover of Kabylia… they have horribly sacrificed him like a sheep for the Eid, and in no time, 500 Kabyle people horribly murdered by fire have been swept under the carpet to speak only of the murder of Djamel Bensmail, whose circumstances are as clear as day: He was stabbed in the Algerian police van, as can be seen in the video of this murder committed live, and then thrown into an overexcited crowd harangued by a female voice shouting in Arabic “eherguh” (they burned him in Arabic), as if the Kabyle people were speaking in Arabic in the very heart of Kabylia, in Larev3a nat Iraten!
NB: as for the famous self-inflammatory capsules, it should be recalled that 3 young Kabyles were sentenced to 6 years in prison for having broadcast on social networks the videos of these capsules on the roofs of houses in Kabylia. However, these specific capsules cannot belong to anyone other than the Algerian state itself… Hence the article 87 bis* applied to the 3 young Kabyles who made the public thing and logically became “terrorists”.
Article of the law denounced by human rights organisations, by Amnesty, by the UN Human Rights Commission and by the USA.
 By Tassadith Tamghrant

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