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The language of the Koran is an Esperanto from the 13th century, and it was Berbers who were the grammarians.


Muslims believe that Allah is God and that the language of the Koran is the origin of all languages, and that he spoke to an Arab to bring his recommendations to mankind.
Muslim believers are completely mistaken. Allah is not a god, but a product of the falsification of history. A god who insults a man with the term, “Son of a bitch” (S68 V13), is not to be taken seriously.
Just like Mohammed, his messenger. Originally, in the 7th century, according to the priest Thomas Presbyter, the first source of the character, was MHMT, an acronym meaning worthy of praise. Not a proper name. Then, around the 12th century, MHMT became Mahomet, then Muhammed, married a 50-year-old eve, Khadija, then became the husband of a 9-year-old girl, Aisha. Mohammed becomes a caravan raider under the guidance of the angel Gabriel, his child wife Aisha makes him a cuckold… etc. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that this is not a prophet model, but mockery. Mockery of a politico-religious trend. A mockery that poor people have come to believe is the quality of a messenger of God.
The whole religion of the Muslims comes from the unitary Christianity, known as Arianism, of the Berber bishop Arius, who had degenerated.
As for the language of the Koran, a sacred language according to the believers, it was a liturgical language of Unitarian Christians who wanted to distance themselves from their Trinitarian Christian co-religionists, who used Latin for their mass. The spelling of Koranic Esperanto was certainly late demotic, which some equate with Syriac. It wasn’t until the 12th century that this language was codified. This also tells us about the true dating of the Koran that is widespread today. It was the Berber from Kabylie, Ibn Muti al zawawi, and the Berber Ibn Adjurrum from Morocco, who created the grammar of the Muslim holy book, the Koran. So there’s nothing sacred about the Koranic language!
Why this liturgical language is called Arabic is an enigma that historians should strive to solve.
We know that, since ancient times, the term “Arab” has referred not to a people but to a way of life of nomadic plunderers, lawless people, ancient anarchists. All the world’s nomads could be called “Arabs”. Mongols, Bedouins, Tuaregs, shepherds and all seasonal workers were called Arabs. The term was often used as an insult. Today, certain immigrant and travel communities are referred to as “scum”. See the French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, who promised to clean up the scum with Krachaer. The Arabs of the Middle Ages were the scum of today. As we’ve seen with the character of Mohammed, which is an addition to the Arianist sect, it’s very possible that the language of the Koran is called Arabic for the sake of derision.
Modern historians need to free themselves from the gossip of the superstitious Middle Ages and study this history more seriously and with a freer mind.
They can start by finding all the works and recommendations of Pierre le Vénérable (Peter The Venerable), Abbe de Cluny, who understood that Islam had to be fought by infiltrating its texts, which he recognized as those of Arius.


  1. Izra el

    Si vous regardez l’histoire du moyen âge jusqu’à la reconquista j’aimais la terminologie arabe n’a été usité pour désigner une langue ou un peuple de surcroît “arabe” mais celui de sarrasins qui vient du punique africain toute comme la langue punique ancienne que l’on fait passer depuis les bureaux dits arabes de Napoléon. Et l’arabisation par l’école décider en 1961 par Degaule et imposer par roublardise au FLN,en leur faisant miroiter un retour à la source arabe qui n’a jamais existé et une pseudo progression ,alors qu’en vérité c’est pour détruire l’authenticité amazighes car dangereuse au regard du passé de tamazgha. Les kabyles doivent chercher à comprendre en étudiant tout ce qui leur permettra de comprendre et notamment en utilisant leur langue et tamazight car le secret de l’islam est caché dedans. Qui les a islamisé et comment ? Ils doivent oublier la farce coloniale arabe et son oumma complice. Nombreux qui profitent de l’islam n’ont pas intérêt à ce que la vérité se sache.

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