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At a loss on the domestic political level, squeezed like a lemon by international institutions for its iterative violations of human rights, first by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; classified as a common underground pickpocket on the watch list by the US State Department for its infringements of religious freedom, the military junta is trying in vain to stick out its nose.
The military junta is trying to exist on the international political scene, pretending to ignore that credibility, legitimacy, respect and trust are acquired, first and foremost, from the Algerians who refuse to respect it, and a fortiori from the Kabyles, who consider it as a violent colonial force denying it any political legitimacy or authority in Kabylia.
It seems that the puppet Tebboune, imposed as president of the chimerical Algerian republic, was to come on an official state visit to France on 2 May. This was unofficially official, so rumour is the official means of communication. The French side, willy-nilly, fell into step with the other side, which was treated as a “friend”, with the levers of the final Algerian decision subject to consensus between the obscure clans, and the so-called “official” visit aborted in embryo.
Sixty years after its voluntary, Machiavellian departure, colonial France opted for another strategy of domination, that of decay, by bequeathing this Algeria to a band of brigands that it knew were incapable of building a state worthy of the name. The fact is that 60 years later these thugs are incapable of producing a kilo of onion, billions of petrodollars have evaporated.
Failing to make its contribution to peace, economy, culture, science and technology, colonial Algeria is singled out first by terrorist actions within its territory, then by logistical, human and financial support to international terrorism and the fomentation of military unrest pseudo liberation of peoples, particularly in its Moroccan “brother” without forgetting the oppression and repression in Kabylia.
Some Kabylian thurifers, subscribers to the manger, argue that the responsibility lies with certain clans of the creepy nebula in power, close to the nationalist, racist, anti-Semitic, hateful and bellicose Islamists, but the propaganda is without appeal, recorded and disseminated in the name of the fight for so-called “just” causes from which Algeria derives glory and vanity.
Tacitly banned from the international political scene by the West and by its ‘brotherly Arab’ countries, frightened by its terrorist political extremism, its manipulation of religious facts and its unpredictable reactions like those of Gaddafi and Saddam – the yo-yo game of ambiguous relations with France is proof of this – the hateful and bellicose colonial Algeria is more worrying than ever.

In continuous rupture of governance – trust between the governed and the governors has never been established – with the so-called Algerian peoples, not to mention Kabylia and the Kabyles, with whom no link has been forged, apart from the factitious fraternity of arms broken even before the accession to “independence” of this Algeria created by France, now in the hands of a band of thugs without faith or law; Colonial Algeria has survived to this day only thanks to the repression and oppression of Kabylia, the rest of the population is indifferent, clinging to the simple Khobza, the daily pittance, subjected to shortages unworthy of an oil country aspiring to emerge on the international political scene with the civilised states and the BRICS
Since the departure of France, looking towards it is the only important political viatical for this colonial Algeria currently struck by, among other things, a ridiculous shortage of onions.
A visa, visas and care in France for his smala, like Abdelkader, known as the emir, his treacherous capitulation conditioned on the comfort of his family, the junta, particularly concerned with the political mood of French President Macron, himself losing feathers in an attempt to give political credibility to a bunch of senile thugs, corrupt and corrupting – the only way out for the vase Tebboune embodying these tyrants – leads the French government into the infernal policy of imposed silences, source of various rumours damaging its image.
If Kabylia, the first victim of cultural, identity and historical crimes as well as of Algerian assassinations committed against its children, is also a collateral victim of the descent into hell of this Algeria, certainly through the fault of some of the Kabyles, who are attached to this Algerian entity.
Sixty years after the departure of France, the term independence is inadequate, adulterated and emptied of its political and social substance, and in the future the same observation will necessarily be made. What remains of the infrastructural, societal, social, administrative and cultural capital – in its various expressions, with its treasure, the French language, a tool of teaching, communication and civilisation tending towards universality and modernity acquired on the same level – bequeathed by France?
Nothing, except the blissful fatalism of fate (mektoub), the only explanation given for all the incompetence, theft and corruption. The current leaden blanket, the epilogue of a long state decay that began in 1962, for a state unworthy of the name, augurs a dark Algerian future, already politically dead.
The Algerian junta is aware that it is accentuating the crushing of the so-called Algerian populations, first and foremost Kabylia, dignified Kabyles, victims of a renegade anti-Kabyles racism, forgetting the major contribution to the liberation of this Algeria that is today ungrateful, criminal and violent towards them.
On the other hand, the Kabyles of service, heavy with their judicial pots and pans, the current first of them Mhenna Djebbar, barely out of prison, is propelled head of the Algerian services, to subdue his Kabylian “brothers”, thus serving as anti-racist guarantee, serving as impotent witnesses, in spite of themselves, of the belligerent, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and Mhenna Djebbar madness of the junta.
Kabylia remains the scapegoat, the safety valve of the Pavlovian conditioning where the Algerian unloads his hatred, his attention and his mind diverted from the political thing, the satisfied junta.
In perpetual search for international diversions, unable to face the internal political, social and economic reality, the Algerian military junta believes it has found ITS solution.
It is mistaken.
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