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Human rights flouted by Algeria, France and the European Union caught up in their willful blindness

Amira Bouraoui

Amira Bouraoui

The Algerian junta has just swallowed its handkerchief on 6 February in Tunis, or rather a big snake. A Chawie, who seems to have been under ISTN, interdiction de sortie du territoire national, not notified by the Algerian court, like more than 50,000 Kabyles also in the same case, fortuitously discovering this ISTN once at the airport on her way to visit her son, a student in Lyon, France. This political activist, a doctor by training, literally managed to ‘escape’ via the Tunisian border from the clutches of the Algerian military junta, which shamelessly and unduly sits on the Human Rights Council (HRC).
Sentenced to two years in prison without incarceration, for “offending” Islam (sic) – in this country called “Algeria” any opinion critical of this religion is a crime equated with blasphemy, the freedom of conscience violated. Imprisoned for a month and then released provisionally in July 2020, her safety threatened, she fled by clandestinely entering Tunisia where she was arrested on 3 February. She was brought before a judge who released her, postponing her case until 23 February, according to her lawyer. This Franco-Algerian woman, kidnapped on her way out of the judge’s office by Tunisian police officers (?) in order to be expelled to Algiers, benefited from consular protection and was able to leave Tunisia on 6 February for France, much to the displeasure of the Algerian junta.
Let us note in this regard, some so-called Algerian “political opponents”, well integrated in the seraglio of the fascist junta and its clans, were more “lucky”, they were able to easily leave this liberticidal “Algeria” in regular flights in full view of everyone.
So this woman managed to make a baby in the back of the Algerian military junta. Did she make this baby for the junta on her own, as Algerians are constantly spied on and watched in this “Algeria prison” where walls, especially those of political activists, have ears? Who set up and carried out this scenario and from which clans were the junta’s police “traitors”, if there is complicity on this side?
Beyond the case of this Chawie with exacerbated Algerian nationalism (1), if we have to rejoice that freedom, her concept, has triumphed, thanks to the prompt intervention of the French authorities, against the Algerian criminal monster who, until now This activist, however, has a sheepish conception of freedom, in tune with the nationalist standards of the FLN-State which nevertheless harasses her and denies her fundamental rights, to the point of throwing her in the dungeon and persecuting her.
Just as the motto of their misguided revolution is ‘by the people and for the people’, the Algerians, now unhappy and hostage to a lawless junta, their approach to the concept of freedom is similarly assimilated ‘by the Algerians, for the Algerians’, denying the universal rights of the other peoples and nations in this country.
Thus their conception of the right to self-determination of peoples is sectarian. This right is recognised for the new Sahrawi settlers in Tindouf, the current occupiers of this region since 1975 – even using terrorism against the Moroccan Sahara, under Algerian-Iranian expertise through Hezbollah – it is also recognised for the Palestinians – who use the same procedure with their armed wing, Hamas and Islamic Jihad – but outside this egocentric and hegemonic Algerian framework, there is no recognition of this right for other peoples, particularly, here, for the peaceful Kabyle people who are fighting for the liberation of their territory from Algerian colonisation.
All cultural or cultic specificities, other than Arab and Islamic, are excluded in this territory called “Algeria”, with its allegedly Arab history and its original Amazighity reduced to a distant patrimonial substratum exhibited and recuperated in a shabby folklorism once a year.
This Chawie nationalist Algerianist, contaminated by this culture of intolerance and refusal of the insubordinate Other, enraged and frightened by the sight of the great peaceful and historic marches of April 20 ” the black spring ” Kabylia of before Covid, in 2017 and 2018, with tens of thousands of Kabyles in the streets of Tuviret (Bouira), Tizi Wezzu, Vgayet (Bougie), Paris, London, Montreal and Washington, a total of nearly 200,000 people, a figure that this woman ignores, opposing a Niet, with a military tone, in the face of the right to self-determination of the Kabylian people.
Raised and trained on the nationalist and dictatorial breast of the FLN-State, Algerians and their fellow Algerianists, drowned in self-hatred, arbitrarily reject, accompanied by strong racist and antisemitic insults what they call “the hand of the foreigner” (France, Morocco, Israel, USA), the opinion of the Other, here the Kabyle, which does not fit their vision of the world and their political posture inscribed in the Arab-Islamist revisionist and negatory ideology.
In this big affair in full development and with unfortunate diplomatic and political consequences, the junta is not only humiliated, it, which boasts of having the best security services, that national and international opinion discovers corrupt and ineffective, is also worried about the consequences of this international event; it can neither hide it, nor justify it by any legal and sovereign legitimacy, in the use of arbitrariness and judicial harassment.
The cupboards full of corpses of this junta are reopened before the whole world. The crime committed against the Kabyle independence activist, Slimane Boufahs, who has in the eyes of the junta, the double defect of being Kabyle and Christian, resurfaces.
Mr Slimane Bouhafs was kidnapped in the centre of Tunis in August 2021 by the junta’s barbouzes, to be exfiltrated directly to the dungeon in Algiers, with the direct complicity of the Tunisian president, Kaïs Saïed, a vassal of the junta with its strong corrupting power and its cheque diplomacy, in defiance of international law, while he was under the protection of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
Other Algerian and Kabylian refugees in Tunisia – called with caustic irony the ‘new Algerian department’ – live under the same threat.
At the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva on 11 November 2023 of this country called ‘Algeria’, which is toxic for the international community and a destabilising regional troublemaker for the entire Mediterranean region, and whose generals are involved in cocaine trafficking, His Minister of Justice Tebbi unrolled a whole string of pseudo-Algerian measures on the application of human rights, which turns out to be nothing but a tissue of lies and scams to try to win over the international experts, present at this council where this junta is a member by default, for the period 2023/2025.
The pseudo-firm tone of the Algerian communiqué issued by Ramtane Lamamra, underpinned by veiled threats, is nothing more than a collection of terms and fake strong manners, a grotesque cover-up, which cannot divert the attention of international opinion, which is already well aware of all its violations of international law and all its physical crimes; The cases of Dr Kamel-Eddine Fekhar and the journalist Mohamed Tamalt, both dead in prison for lack of care, the latter of Algerian-British nationality, the British consular representation, too soft, could not snatch him from the murderous clutches of the junta.
Is the junta in its “right” and in the defence of its “sovereignty”? It should then take legal action against France before the competent international bodies. Let’s do it!
Is it not time for the international community and France, caught up in their blindness, in many respects voluntary, to stop their indulgence and move to the stage of sanctions against this junta. It would abdicate after a month as it would not be able to dispose of its assets and likewise, revise the criteria for membership of the UNHRC, to avoid such attacks on its respectability by rogue entities by first expelling this junta from the UNHRC, a poison that undermines it and its credibility. The pedagogical approach currently being adopted is being ignored if not mocked by this junta.
(1)– This woman, in a logomachy with a negating flavour of the universal rights of the Kabyles, proper to the junta, its current executioner, and riddled with contradiction, launched a raging invective against the Kabyles, whom she is trying to drown, as the FLN-State wants, in an abstruse arabised Amazighity. A delirium. Let us judge.
To those who march in Paris for the independence of Kabylia? You want a second home on the back of those who only have a main home? Berber Spring yes A Berber Maghreb yes! Dividing the country is No and a thousand times No! Berber goes from Carthage to the depths of Morocco, it does not lock itself in any region. It is free and without borders! That is the Berber! A free man who resisted the Romans and the Turks, the Arabs and the Vandals. And Kabylia will remain the beating heart of an Algeria that has never forgotten its history. No to the Parisian independentists and yes to all those who from Paris to Montreal and from London to China support the autonomy of Algeria far from any dictatorship. We will never let anyone take advantage of the illegitimacy of a power to divide the territory. Never!”
Amira Bouraoui

The MAK (movement for the self-determination of Kabylie) is manipulated by the French power
April 16, 2017 Amira Bouraoui
(2) “Here is the greatest success of Bouteflika and the Algerian regime! A Berber cause used for independence. Congratulations!
April 20, 2017 Amira Bouraoui

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