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About the white slave trade market in North Africa: The Dutchman Murad Reis

Jan Janszoon van Haarlem pirate

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Here I set my foot in what my Norwegian compatriots, in solidarity with the crimes done of other European nations, what they call the “white slave trade” which according to them was practiced by the Berbers in North Africans. And they believe the Norwegian educational authorities do not want this to be known because the Europeans were victims.They hope that with this crime against human dignity the Europeans will regain the virginity of innocence since other cultures have also committed crimes against humanity.
Dragut, born in Anatolia of Christian parents, captured by the Spaniards, chained for four years in a ship and bought by Khair-eddine, succeeded the latter. He took the island of Djerba (Tunisia) as general command post in the Mediterranean. The island of Lotophages was owned by the Doria Amiral Andrea family, under the authority of Charles V. To consolidate his positions and to counter the Spaniards, Dragut founded the regency of Tripoli. His pirate activities did not last very long, he was killed in 1565 at the siege of Malta, accompanied by the Croatian Piali-Pasha, another “cross to crescent defector”.
It was the Calabrian Ulluch Ali or Ochiali or Eudj Ali who replaced him. He was also a renegade who jumped easily from christianity to Islam. Ochiali was appointed governor of Algiers, to replace the son of Khair-eddine, Hassan.

It is the Dutchman Jan Janszoon van Haarlem known also as Mourad Raïs who was the forerunner of the piracy Salétine. This pirate sailor had left Algiers in 1585, surrounded by his three galiots, for a cause outside the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic. Mourad Raïs was the first great independent Barbarian pirate. There is every reason to believe that he represented the link between the pirates of the regency of Algiers, who scoured the vast expanse of the Mediterranean, and this new formation of navigators of the ocean which, in the course of history Navy, will be known under the name of salt corsairs. Murad Reïs, the forerunner of piracy in Salé.

Algiers, the Turk having made peace with their European competitors, the city can no longer serve as the base of operation for Jan Janszoon who emigrates to the Moroccan coast and the port of Salé to become a corsair on his own account

The piracy activity in Salé is a direct consequence of the pseudo Spanish”Reconquista” , when Philip III of Spain the Catholic decides in 1609 to permanently expel from Spain Jews and Muslims who still reside there. To the Hornacheros who have already set out to settle in the Kasbah of the Oudaïas, near Salé, there are then many Andalusian Moresques; These expelled from Spain using the wealth they have been able to carry to arm a few ships in the race and attack the ships and European coasts bordering the Atlantic.

At the same time captain and shipowner, Jan Janszoon rapidly makes a fortune in this city where Spanish is the vehicular language, and where Europeans of all origins provide the specialists (pilots, gunners, caulks, masters, surgeons …) .
His talents earned him the appointment in 1624 by Istanbul to the supreme post of Grand Admiral of Salé, which he led until 1627, when he left for Algiers.
During his career as a corsair of Salé, and after his departure in 1627, Jan Janszoon set up several particularly bold far-off expeditions.

It is this pirate, Janszoon who led raids in the distant Nordic countries. Until Island. It was in the municipality of Grindavik that he captured 400 Icelanders among whom Guðríður Símonardóttir called Tyrkja-Gudda.

In another of his expeditions he captured a few hundred Englishmen from the municipality of Baltimore, and sold them to the markets of the cities of North Africa.

The Jews and the Hornacheros, the Spanish Muslims of Andalusia, were often the main sponsors of Barbary piracy. With the evolution of piracy techniques, Holland, through expelled coreligionists from Spain, was acting as an intermediary of the independent pirates republic of Salé. All the pirates of the Mediterranean, in the early days of the foundation of that republic, were entitled to be mentioned. The pirates of the Mamora, or the Dutch Cleas Gerritz Compaen, nicknamed “terror of the seas” will be named among others. Some European seafarers, captured, turned into renegades at the service of the piracy of Sale.

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